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a thing of light (2023)


For Soprano and Piano

Duration: 3 minutes

Text: The Linnet by Walter de la Mare

AESS' Composers Song Writing Competition 2023, second prize

The Linnet


Upon this leafy bush

With thorns and roses in it,

Flutters a thing of light,

A twittering Linnet.


And all the throbbing world

Of dew and sun and air

By this small parcel of life

Is made more fair;


As if each bramble-spray

And mounded gold-wreathed furze,

Harebell and little thyme,

Were only hers;


As if this beauty and grace

Did to one bird belong,

And, at a flutter of wing,

Might vanish in song.


– Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)

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