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Evening Star (2023)


For chorus & semi-chorus (SATB divisi.)

Composed for the Delaware Choral Scholars


First performance by Delaware Choral Scholars at St. Leonard's Church, Hythe July 13, 2023.

Commissioned by JAM on the Marsh

Text: The Evening Star by Louise Glück

Duration: 5 minutes

Evening Star interprets Louise Glück's evocative poem The Evening Star. Scored for two choruses, the music creates an immersive textural experience, utilising the spacial interplay and antiphony between the two choirs. Reflecting the thematic arc of Glück's poem, the music navigates moments of tranquility and contemplation, building up to expansive, warm moments of climax. Evening Star seeks to capture the essence of the poem's exploration of hope and darkness.

The Evening Star

Tonight, for the first time in many years,

there appeared to me again

a vision of the earth’s splendor:


in the evening sky

the first star seemed

to increase in brilliance

as the earth darkened


until at last it could grow no darker.

And the light, which was the light of death,

seemed to restore to earth


its power to console. There were no

other stars. Only the one

whose name I knew


as in my other life I did her

injury: Venus,

star of the early evening,


to you I dedicate my vision,

since on this blank surface


you have cast enough light

to make my thought

visible again.

Louise Glück



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Evening Star
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