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This Shining Night (2023)


For organ

First performance by Tom Bell, on the organ of Romsey Abbey, August 25 2023

Shortlisted for the BIS Organ Composition Competition

Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds

This Shining Night is a short organ prelude, taking its title from James Agee's poem "Sure on this shining night." Inspired by Susan Pilcher's dramatic night protography, the music traces the journey of an eye adjusting to the night sky, gradually discovering and highlighting little stars. As the piece unfolds, the organ's intensifies in power, symbolising the majesty of the cosmos. Twinkling motifs evoke wonder, while resonant chords portray the profound sense of awe in the face of the vast universe. The composition invites listeners to immerse themselves in the mysteries of the night, embracing the beauty and insignificance we find beneath a shimmering ceiling of stars. 


This Shining Night
full score

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