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Christopher Churcher

Arborescent Cover_page-0001.jpg

Arborescent (2022)

for string quartet

approx. duration: 5 minutes

composed for the Consone Quartet

Arborescent won the National Centre for Early Music Young Composers' Award 2022 and was broadcast on Radio 3 in November 2022. Inspired by Amanda Gorman’s poetry collection, Call Us What We Carry (2022), the piece draws parallels between human lived experience and the growth of a tree. Beginning with simple, resonant lines redolent of the sound of period string instruments, the sound evolves into modern string techniques, branching out organically like the growth of a tree's branches. Listeners are invited to imagine exploring a tree, increasing in life and vibrancy with each upward movement in the music.


Performed by the Consone Quartet at All Saints' Church, Boughton Aluph, June 24 2023


full score and parts

note: all orders are digital (.pdf) unless otherwise stated

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