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Goldenrod (2023)


For bassoon and piano


First performance by Ashby Mayes and Atusko Kinoshita at the Mannheimer Schloss, June 24 2023 

Winner of the inaugural MayesMusic Composers Competition (2023)

Duration: ca. 5 minutes

Goldenrod is a lively showpiece for bassoon and piano, commissioned by Ashby Mayes. Infused with a vibrant rhythmic energy, the piece combines dynamic staccato patterns with graceful, expressive melodies. The music exudes an unapologetic sense of joy, suffused with a spirited and buoyant character. A fusion of rhythmic drive and melodic elegance, the music showcases the virtuosity and expressive capabilities of the bassoon in tandem with the dynamic accompaniment of the piano. 

Purchase (click image below)


full score and parts

Available for purchase through MayesMusic Publishing

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